Recommended Limits

Shipping cookies is a very delicate business.  Large orders become quite expensive due to the amount of packaging material needed to prevent breakage which leads to multiple boxes.  The optimal number of cookies per box is 2-3 dozen.   Although I would love to have Peach Blossom Bakery cookies at huge parties all over the country, I honestly would recommend using them for smaller celebrations.



Cookies are individually bagged and sealed for freshness and protection.  The cookies are placed into a bakery box with bubble wrap between the layers.  The bakery box is then placed into a cardboard box with plenty of packing materials between the two.  


** Due to the delicate nature of the Gluten Free Cookies, shipping is not recommended.


Shipping and Handling Costs ** There has been a recent increase in the price of shipping by the USPS.  I am investigating other options, but at this time they still appear to be the most cost effective shipping system.


Shipping will be based on value of the order by USPS Priority  2-day Mail.  I will provide you with the tracking nuimber as soon as it is issued.  Please keep in mind when placing your order that Priority Mail is not a guarantee of delivery within 2-3 days, rather it is an "expected time frame".  It is best to give a few extra days for delivery during the holiday season.  USPS only guarantees delivery with their overnight service.  Last minute orders can be shipped 2 day guaranteed delivery for an additional charge.


Handling is the cost of time and products used to bag each individual cookie, the cushioning packing supplies, boxes and trip to the post office.  Both shipping and handling are necessary to send a package.  I do my best to keep these costs to a minimum.


All cookies are made fresh to order, so please allow up to ten days from order date to receive your cookies (depending on my baking schedule).  I will carefully package your order to help ensure that it arrives in good condition.     However, cookies are fragile and some breakage may occur regardless of the padded protection.  It is always a good idea to order a few more than you need.


Shipping Cake Pops during the hottest summer months could compromise their appearance.


Shipping in the US based on weight and destination.  Once your order size is established, I can use your zip code to determine the exact cost.  For reference, 1 to 2 dozen cookies will generally cost between $7-$10 to ship.   


Caring for Cookies/Cake Pops

Once received, take the cookies indoors as soon as possible and keep at room temperature.    Heat and humidity will soften the royal icing and the darker colors may bleed.  Do not refrigerate.


Peach Blossom Bakery cookies will stay fresh for up to ten days once received.  If you will not be eating them in that time period, you may seal in freezer safe bags and freeze for up to two months.  


Cake Pops can be kept out 1-2 weeks if kept in a cool, dry place. Keep them out of direct sunlight and warm environments. They are fine to be placed in the fridge for longer periods and some people prefer to eat them slightly chilled.


Refunds and Exchanges

Your satisfaction is my goal. All cookies are custom made , and are perishable, so they cannot be returned or refunded.   I package your cookies with the utmost care. However, I cannot be responsible for mishandling, loss or damage incurred by the carrier. When loss or damage occurs, a claim must be filed with the carrier. Pictures must be provided, and all packaging must be saved.